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The perfect relaxation zone – where to start?

A cosy bedroom is a place you want to return to after a hard day and where even cool and dark winter mornings seem more pleasant. To achieve this effect, let’s start with the size of the space to be allocated and the budget estimation – after all, it’s not always possible to fulfil the dream of an interior, as in a catalogue. Fortunately, the product offer available on the market is now so rich that even at a small cost you can create a cosy and pleasing arrangement. At this point it is also worth to think about the style that will dominate our bedroom. The interior is to be cosy, so its colouring cannot overwhelm, but should create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere. In a cozy bedroom it will work best:

Scandinavian style – uncomplicated and functional, but at the same time including high quality furniture that serves us not one season, but many years. The combination of pastel colors with grays and natural wood decor will create a clear arrangement. In order to achieve the effect of cosiness it is worth to enrich the philosophy of tidiness, i.e. hygge, with shades of green and brown.

Provencal style, i.e. more subdued and “domesticated” French style. Slightly romantic, leaning towards white, violet, lilac and powder pink, with gilded decorations. It is reminiscent of lavender fields and the warm south of France.

A rustic style – idyllic and familiar, full of warmth. It reflects the simplicity of a traditional country house and is based on wood with its natural cracks and imperfections. Additions appropriate for the “rustic” style are ceramics and fabrics: flax, cotton and wool.

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