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The bedroom in white? It doesn’t have to be boring!

White bedroom furniture is the safest possible solution, and now also the most fashionable. White always fits in and everything else, the decoration can be changed radically using only accessories. Disadvantages? Such an interior may seem too sterile. Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to turn it into a cosy relaxation zone. In the Provencal and rustic style it is enough to introduce fabrics with pleasant textures and patterns as well as ceramic or gold-plated elements such as handles or curtain rods. 

In the Scandinavian style, the simplicity of the furniture leaves more room for accessories – blankets, bedspreads, decorations and trinkets. The sparing, Scandinavian arrangement will also be a perfect background for plants – a green corner on the windowsill will make the interior pleasantly cozy all year round. If we don’t have a hand for living plants, let’s put on the wallpaper in a floral pattern. White is also a good base to create a bedroom in glamour style. Add a shiny lamp, quilted cushions and a bed covered with plush – it gets more pleasant right away.

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